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The SchoolExpress Membership offers
 • 165 Thematic Units
465+ eWorkbooks.

train01 FREE eNewsletter
1. Download one free Activity     set weekly.
2. Learn about the new free     items added each week.
3. Download one Thematic     Unit every month.

train02 FREE 9000+ Worksheets
1. Print directly from your     web browser.
2. A large number of categories     including handwriting,     language arts, phonics, math,     and activities.

train03 FREE Funtime Activities
1. Lots of online games for     children and adults too.
2. Popular daily Treasure Hunt

train04 FREE Online Math
1. Do math worksheets     online, self graded.
2. Print math worksheets and     answer sheets.

train05 FREE Software Programs
1. A large selection of name     brand software programs.
2. Pay only shipping a     processing fees.

train06 FREE Software Programs
1. Download 130 software     programs.
2. They include Bingo, Math,     Language Arts and more.

train07 FREE Game A Day
1. View the calendar.
2. Choose a learning game.

Our very popular Membership incudes:

465+ eWorkbooks
Download 4 free eWorkbooks now.
activity fun, language arts, math,
phonics, reading, wrtiing, and more

165 Thematic Units
Download 4 free Thematic Units now.
geography, history, science, social studies

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train08 FREE Sites For Teachers
1. Locate hundreds of educational     websites.
2. Sites for schools and     homeschools.

train09 FREE 30 Reading eBooks
1. Download and 30 children's     reading books.
2. Leveled Readers, Read Aloud     books, Tommy Tales & more.

train10 FREE Make Awards
1. Create awards online.
2. Choose from a large selection.

train11 FREE Storytime
1. 25 online stories for young     children.
2. Colorful images, with large type
3. Download colorbooks too.

train12 FREE Journal Writing
1. 365 Journal Writing     worksheets
2. Children enjoy these easy to     use worksheets.



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